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Iron Front – Liberation 1944 D-Day DLC – PC

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“D-Day” adds the famous landing on the coast of Normandy by the Allied Forces to the tactical World War II shooter “Iron Front – Liberation 1944″. Merciless gun battles for each centimeter of the beaches await brave soldiers on the side of the Allies and the Wehrmacht alike in this extensive expansion. Brutal combat unfolds on the storm-lashed shores of France, as the future of the world is about to be decided at the Atlantic Wall… and you are in the thick of it! Fight with the Allied Forces against the dogged Wehrmacht defenders, or join the battle on the side of Germany and use any means to stop the Allies’ advance.
Como Instalar:
- Requer o jogo “Iron Front: Liberation 1944 – PC” previamente instalado
1. Extraia o download
2. Monte a imagem
3. Atualiza o jogo para versão v1.05. Para isso, vá em “Crack/Patches” e instale

4. Instale o DLC. Quando pedir o serial, insira um dos abaixo:
5. Copie todo o conteúdo da pasta “CRACK” e cole dentro da pasta de instalação do jogo. Quando perguntar se deseja substituir os arquivos, aceite todos
6. Jogue!
Ano: 2012
Tamanho: 987MB
Idioma: Inglês
Release: RLD
Plataforma: PC


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