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Miner Wars 2081 – PC

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Miner Wars 2081 is just the first piece in what we want to become a large Miner Wars universe. In this first title we focused on the journey of two brothers, Marcus and Apollo Rainier. Trying to uncover what they expect to be a groundbreaking discovery leading to ancient times, they travel through the whole Solar System, visit vastly different sectors, and cooperate to fight with warring factions. In a desperate attempt Apollo is forced to seek the help of the dark side – The Fourth Reich. We believe that players will enjoy the immersion and story, which is supported by heavyweight musical lineup and professional voice acting.The story will introduce you to many types of missions: rescue, exploration, revenge, base defense, theft, transportation, stealth, search and destroy, pure harvesting, racing, or just flying around and destroying everything you see.
Ano: 2013

Tamanho: 1.1GB
Idioma: Inglês

Release: FLT

Formato: ISO

Plataforma: PC
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