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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – Desbloquear DLCs – PS3

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Com este “.pkg” você desbloqueará os seguintes conteúdo do jogo “Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – PS3“:
  – Online Pass !
- TAH-9 handgun – Unleash your fury with the TAH-9, the game’s only fully automatic sidearm!
- Polymer outfit and mask – Suit up and kick ass in sleek, professional style!
- Overkillers contract – Take on new missions designed for nonstop frenetic co-op destruction!
- Double-D Shotgun – Double the destruction with the only two-barrel shotgun in T.W.O.’s arsenal!
- Overkill outfit and mask – The perfect uniform for maximum destruction!
- Day of the Dead Outfit – Celebrate this Mexican holiday by putting the spirits of your cartel enemies to rest!
- Day of the Dead AK-47 weapon – Become an angel of death with this awesome weapon, skinned in honor of La D¡a de los Muertos!
- Day of the Dead masks – Put on the face of fear with two custom-designed masks by renown tattoo artists!
- B.o.B. & Big Boi – Taking on the roles of T.W.O. operatives Chuy & Baker, these entertainment superstars will be playable in the Hit-Makers Contract.
- Hit-Makers Contact – While Alpha and Bravo have their hands full with the cartel, Chuy and Baker are tagged in to unleash their own brand of destruction in this bonus co-op mission.
- Custom-Designed Gear – These sleek new masks were designed by B.o.B & Big Boi themselves, adding their own personal touch to the gear that they take on the battlefield.

Como Instalar:
- Este DLC só funciona nos desbloqueio 4.30 ou superior.
1. Extraia o download
2. Passe o arquivo “.pkg” para um Pen Drive ou HD externo e instale-o via “Install Package Files”
3. Jogue!
* Testado na versão “BLES01763″, liberado por DUPLEX.
Ano: 2013
Tamanho: 3MB
Formato: PKG
Plataforma: PS3


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