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Tomb Raider – Pacote de DLCs (Incl. Challenge Tomb)

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Pacote com DLCs para Tom Raider – PS3. Testado no desbloqueio CFW 4.30 e ID BLES01780

Challenge Tomb
- Challenge Tomb is a standalone experience that offers various environment puzzles to test Lara’s brains and brawn.Shanty Town MP Map Pack
- Shanty Town Map is accessible in Multiplayer Map Selection for the “Free For All Game Mode”.
Aviatrix Skin, Guerilla Skin, Hunter Skin
- Outfits are available in the gear section at camps, once gear upgrading is introduced. Dress your Lara.
Hitman Absolution Weapons Pack 1
- 3 New weapons are available at Multiplayer Loadout Menu.

Ano: 2013
Tamanho: 166MB
Região: EUR
Formato: PKG
Plataforma: PS3


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