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Distant Worlds: Universe – PC

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Distant Worlds: Universe is the newest chapter of this critically acclaimed sci-fi series, adding incredible new features and an exciting new storyline.  Universe is also the ultimate collector’s edition, the first time all previous Distant Worlds releases have been included in one package, along with an updated manual and greatly expanded modding support.
Distant Worlds is a vast, pausable real-time 4X space strategy game. Experience the full depth and detail of turn-based strategy, but with the simplicity and ease of real-time, and on the scale of a massively-multiplayer online game.
Vast galaxies are made to order: up to 1400 star systems, with up to 50,000 planets, moons and asteroids. Galaxies are so deep, fun and immersive that you won’t want to finish the game.  Build, expand and improve your empire while playing through one of the storylines, with victory conditions or in an open-ended sandbox mode.
Each galaxy is packed with life and activity. Encounter other empires, independent alien colonies, traders, pirates and space monsters. Explore star systems, asteroid fields, gas clouds, supernovae, galactic storms and black holes. Discover evidence of civilizations long since past, uncovering secrets about the galaxy’s troubled history…
Best of all, you can play the game your way: enjoy a quick, intense game in a crowded sector of space or take your time in an epic game spread across a vast galaxy!
Sistema: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processador: Pentium 4 @1.5 GHz
RAM: 1Gb
Placa de Video: mínima resolução 1024×768, 32 bit
HD: 2GB de esço livre
DirectX: 9.0c ou superior
Como Instalar:
1. Extraia o download
2. Monte a imagem “.iso” pelo Daemon Tools
3. Instale o jogo
4. Depois de instalar, copie todo o conteúdo da pasta “Crack” e cole na pasta de instalação do jogo. Quando perguntar se deseja substituir os arquivos, aceite todos
5. Bloqueie o acesso do jogo à internet. Se não sabe como, desligue a internet antes de jogar
6. Jogue!
Ano: 2014

Tamanho: 1.1GB
Idioma: Inglês

Release: Skidrow

Formato: ISO

Plataforma: PC
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